In 1994, Elnady Engineering and Agencies started business in 1994 in the field of contracting. We are specialized in different Mechanical and Electrical installations. Soon, we started offering turn-key projects including all kinds of construction services.

In 2005, the Company started the business of software and hardware marketing, sales, and technical support. We represent several companies in the Arab Countries. COMSOL, Maplesoft, SoundPLAN and The third activity we are involved in is providing Engineering Services in the field of Acoustics and Vibrations. We offer services to different customers locally and internationally.

In 2006, we started selling SIDLAB, a new software for simulating the propagation of low frequency sound in ducts. SIDLAB is developed by us in cooperation with scientists from Sweden. We handle all marketing and sales in the whole world, together with our business partners.

The leaders of the Acoustics Team at Elnady Engineering and Agencies  are also working as Assistant Professors at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University. They teach Acoustics, Vibration, Modeling & Simulation, and Machine Design. They also run the ASU Sound and Vibration Lab.